Immune Support Bundle

by Thorne

Because optimal immune function is an important part of long-term wellness, it is essential to provide immune function support during times of high stress, seasonal changes, and when you aren’t feeling your best. 

Phytogen® is a potent blend of four well-researched immune-supportive botanicals that benefit immune function.* Phytogen combines Echinacea, Coptis, Astragalus, and Schisandra in a single formula that supports immune function in the respiratory tract, GI tract, and bladder.*

 Zinc Picolinate 30 mg (180’s) is a highly absorbable form of zinc, which is well known for supporting immune function.* Clinical studies demonstrate zinc supplementation can increase general wellness, in addition to having a beneficial impact on connective tissue.*

Vitamin D Liquid supports immune function, healthy bones and muscles, and cardiovascular health.* Thorne’s Vitamin D Liquid makes supplementation easy for adults and children.

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