BioSil® Healthy Bones Plus®


Increases Calcium “Binding Sites”*

Bone collagen provides the “binding sites” for calcium. All calcium must “bind to” collagen in order to become part of bone. Age-related collagen loss leads to diminished calcium content and reduced bone mineral density. Healthy Bones Plus® is clinically proven to generate bone collagen and increase bone mineral density at the critical hip region.*

Promotes Vital Bone Flexibility*

Collagen gives your bones flexibility and their ability to withstand physical stress, as from impact. Healthy Bones Plus® is clinically proven to increase bone collagen formation.*

Increases the Total Strength of Bone*
Increasing your bones’ total strength requires both “hardness,” determined by the calcium content of your bones and “toughness” (flexibility), determined by collagen. Healthy Bones Plus® promotes both types of bone strength.*

Provides Premium High-Absorbing Calcium*
Supplies your bones with a rich source of premium high-absorbing calcium and vitamin D. Key transporters ensure delivery from bloodstream to bone.*

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