Biological Age Health Panel

by Thorne

Biological Age is a detailed assessment of your body's internal age at the cellular level and helps you focus on the internal systems or organs that are aging at a faster rate.

Biological Age benefits individuals who are seeking to:

  • Enhance their longevity

  • Minimize age-related health risks

  • Maximize health and wellness

  • Track the aging process

Biological Age benefits individuals who want to optimize their internal health for:

  • Fitness or athletic performance

  • Recovery

  • Immune function

  • Biohacking

  • Full-body health

Thorne's Biological Age provides an affordable assessment of clinically relevant and research-driven personalized recommendations. A non-biased (for age, sex, demographics) scientifically-backed statistical algorithm generates your Age Score. View your blood results in a new light ‐ not just clinically healthy or unhealthy ‐ but an accurate picture of your health for someone your age.

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