Robert Gazsi, RPh, Pharmacist.

Robert Gazsi had been a registered pharmacist in practice since 1977. He is currently a pharmacist at Far Hills Pharmacy and Health Foods in Bedminster, New Jersey. He specializes in Natural Hormone Replacement in both men and women with emphasis on peri-menopausal hormone corrections and Estrogen Dominance Syndrome. A compounding pharmacist with emphasis on transdermal hormone replacement and pain management, Robert works closely with physicians, nurse practitioners and other health care providers to develop hormone replacement protocols for patients.

Robert holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy and is currently working towards certification as a clinical nutritionist. He leads seminars on nutrition and health, which include Menopause Management, Osteoporosis, The Aging Mind and Memory, and many other topics. He provides individual counseling on natural hormone replacement. He lectures on natural hormone replacement at hospitals and to health practitioners who are interested in an alternative approach to hormone replacement therapy for their patients.