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Cromolyn sodium is used to treat allergic asthma associated with specific triggers. It is classified as a mast cell stabilizer decreasing the activity of mast cells and preventing the release of inflammatory mediators upon presence of an antigen.


(KROE moe lin)

Other Names:

Gastrocrom (brand name)

Drug Class:

Mast Cell Stabilizer

Mechanism of Action:

Inhibits the release of mast cells of histamine, leukotrienes, and slow-reacting substances of anaphylaxis by inhibiting degranulation after contact with antigens. It inhibits chloride transport and affects calcium gating, which, ultimately prevents mediator release from intracellular granules.

Drug Interactions:

There are no known significant interactions

Adverse Effects:

Common side effects you might experience: diarrhea, headache, upset stomach or throwing up, trouble sleeping, sneezing, bad taste in mouth, and joint pain

Tell your doctor if you begin to have any of these symptoms following cromolyn administration: signs of an allergic reaction (i.e. rash, hives, itching, peeling skin with or without fever), wheezing or coughing, muscle pain or weakness, shortness of breath, a big weight gain, or swelling in the arms or legs


Cromolyn is best taken 15-20 minutes before meals. You may swallow whole or mix the contents of capsule with water. Keep taking medication until advised by doctor or healthcare provider to discontinue even if you feel well. Do not stop taking medication all of a sudden without calling your doctor.


Contact your healthcare provider for specific dosing instructions.


Neither human data nor the animal reproduction data for cromolyn suggest a risk of embryo-fetal harm.


Use of cromolyn by a mother who is breastfeeding is acceptable.

The molecular weight of cromolyn is low enough to allow excretion into breast milk, however, the amount of systemic circulation of cromolyn are extremely low.


Children over 2 years of age received cromolyn safely, however, safety and effectiveness have not been established in patients less than 2 years of age.


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Cromolyn Sodium

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