BioSil® Bone Collagenizer® Ultra


The National Institutes of Health reports that it takes both calcium and collagen to build strong healthy bones. Collagen makes up 30% of your bone. Collagen serves as the “binding sites” for calcium and gives bone the pliability it needs to withstand physical stress. Age-related diminution of collagen leads to brittle bones and low BMD. The ch-OSA® in Collagenizer® ULTRA increases bone collagen formation and increases BMD (bone mineral density). The choline and inositol help maintain “osteo-balance,” ensuring proper renewal of bone. The MK7 makes sure calcium gets delivered to the bone site. Vitamin B12 together with choline protects against collagen breakdown.†¥

• Increases Bone Collagen Formation†

• Increases Calcium Binding Sites†

• Promotes Bone Pliability†

• Increases Bone Mineral Density (BMD)†¥

• Boosts the Effectiveness of Dietary and Supplemental Calcium†

• Helps Maintain Positive Osteoblast Balance†

• Advanced Calcium Delivery System

¥ Measured at the hip

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